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Hi, most of the content here is in French - my native language - and not translated but hopefully, this page gives you a TL;DR of what the whole web-site is about.

I, Christian Mauduit, offer my services as a Mental Trainer, specialized in any sport-related activity. You do not need to be a champion, though you may be one, the only pre-requisite is to have a desire to make some progress.

My background is mostly about ultra-distance racing, including road and trail running up to 500 miles, cycling up to 3000 miles, and a bunch of other things I will not detail here, but I love whatever takes more than a handful of days to finish. Here is a race report example.

RAAM 2022, 3000 miles across the USA, from West to East

I also have some academic background, followed and validated a Mental Trainer program at a French university in Clermont Ferrand.

And today, I am happy to share my experience with others. If I can help, I will.

While most of my activity happens in French with people in my (enlarged) neighborhoud, I can also operate through videoconference tools like Google Meet. I am clearly not a native English speaker but am fluent enough to professionnally drill into complex matter.

Domains where I can help include, but are not limited to:

  • self confidence
  • concentration
  • movitation
  • goal setting
  • handling emotions
  • organization
  • ...

I make no promises regarding results, mental training is not a magic wand, and basic deontology prevents me from guaranteeing you'll achieve your dreams by just following whatever secret method I may deliver. See other gurus for this. I am just proposing honest help, will adapt myself to your context and make sure I can offer you the approach and tools which are relevant in your case.

Expect a cost of 60 euros for an about-an-hour session, the first one is offered, free.

To contact me:

This article was updated on 18 août 2022

Christian Mauduit

Passionné de sports d'endurance, du 100 km course à pied à l'ultra triathlon en passant par l'ultra-trail, je suis aussi préparateur mental, à votre écoute.